Link: Thousands of failed septic tanks threaten Michigan’s waters

A recent article on the damage failed septic tanks can do to our water…

Failed septic systems are a concern because human sewage is loaded with pathogens that can threaten the health of people who swim in polluted waters or drink contaminated well water. Several experts interviewed by Bridge said water pollution from failed septic systems is a serious, but under-appreciated, problem across Michigan.

“It’s affecting our groundwater and surface waters,” said Joan Rose, a water quality expert who holds the Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research at Michigan State University.

“We’ve tested rivers in the Lower Peninsula during low flow conditions (when most of the river water is groundwater, not runoff from the landscape) and we can detect signs of septic tank waste,” Rose said. “The more sewage tanks that are in the area, the higher the human sewage markers in the water.”

Read the entire article for more information and the concern in Michigan…

Read Thousands of failed septic tanks threaten Michigan’s waters at Bridge

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