Pumping Services

Call the “Guys in the Clean Red Trucks!”
for all of your septic tank pumping, portable restrooms, and sewer and drain repairs!!

When your toilets won’t flush or your drains start to gurgle it usually means your septic tank is overdue for a cleaning. At this point damage is already being done to your drain field.

We recommend pumping your tank on a regular scheduled cycle (1-3 yrs) before problems arise to prevent expensive problems from occurring.

Why hire Williams & Bay Pumping Services to pump your septic tank?

When you call Williams and Bay Pumping Services you will…

  1. Talk to a live person who is compassionate and well trained on how septic systems operate.
  2. Be scheduled at a convenient time and we will arrive on time.
  3. Receive a free multi point assessment of your septic system with recommendations.
  4. Be treated with respect by our dispatchers and service personnel.
  5. Be educated on proper septic maintenance.

Williams & Bay Pumping Services has the newest and cleanest equipment in northern Michigan. Our six vacuum trucks range in size from 650 gallons to 5200 gallons. From small RV holding tanks to emergencies that require 24 hour around the clock service, no job is too big or too small.